Saturday, January 31, 2009

AJ's Pick of the Week

Hey folks! Well, if you follow my station on BlogTalkRadio (known as NHL 2K9), you'll be interested to know that at the show, we've decided to run a brand new segment called Slapshots and Anthems, where each week we'll be highlighting a kickass rock song. Old school or new school, we lay it all on the line, breaking down our favorite tunes and the artists behind them. From artist history to important albums, we'll be rolling to the guitar bite, and we hope you join us in celebrating the greatness of rock music. Just remember to kick it back here and check out the site for more info on the tunes that we like to call our "Picks of the Week." Who needs acid to take a trip when you can get high on some face melting madness!

See, even he's rockin' out!